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Visa Related General Information

General Information for Visa

  • Visa Applicants need to apply for visa online (
  • A signed copy of the printed application needs to be emailed to the Embassy (
  • Documents required for processing Visa:
    • Passport/s with minimum six (6) months validity.
    • Photocopy of Passport and National Identity Documents.
    • Printed visa application form signed by applicants.
    • Two copies of recent photographs of the applicant. 
      • Passport Size (2 inch X 2 inch / 25 mm X 35 mm)
      • White colour background
      • Taken within six months
  • Additional documents required for different types of visa:
    • Business Visa
      • Invitation letter from concern Business Entity based in Bangladesh. 
      • Letter of Introduction from Myanmar based Business Entity
      • Copy of Company Registration Certificate of the Business Entity in Bangladesh
      • Copy of Recent Tax-Return Certificate of the Business Entity in Bangladesh
      • Copy of Company Registration Certificate of the Business Entity in Myanmar
    • Employment Visa

      • Authorization Letter from the Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (BIDA)/ BEZA/concerned Bangladesh Government institutions
      • Appointment Letter from the concerned institution/ entity
    • Tourist Visa

      • Invitation letter from Bangladesh
      • Copy of National ID/ Passport and Contact Details of the person/organization inviting the applicant/s.
      • Hotel Booking confirmation / Details of Accommodation
      • Travel Itinerary/ Air ticket Reservation 
    • Diplomatic and official visa:

      • Note Verbal from the concerned government office or the Diplomatic Mission.

    • Tablig / Iztema Visa

      • Recommendation from Tablig Markaz/Central Tablig Jamat of Bangladesh and Myanmar
      • Return ticket
    • NGO Visa 

      1. Letter of appointment/invitation from the concerned NGO in Bangladesh, and
      2. “No Objection” certificate from NGO Affairs Bureau of Bangladesh.
    • Student visa 

      1. Letter from the concerned educational institutions in Bangladesh certifying the admission, and
      2. Bank statement, or Certificate of financial guarantee.
  • The Embassy will invite applicants (who meet all requirements) for interview.
  • Please note that an invitation for interview does not guarantee issuance of visa.
  • For some visa applications, the Embassy may require clearance from the Government of Bangladesh.
  • Special Note:
    • The Embassy of Bangladesh reserves the right to request for any additional document at any stage of the application process;
    • The Embassy of Bangladesh reserves the right to withhold any application for further scrutiny.


  • Submission time: Monday to Friday     : 1000 – 1200 hrs
  • Delivery Time                                          :  1530 – 1630 hrs

  • Processing Time: Between 05 to 07 working days (processing time may take longer due to technical issues or other unforeseen events). The Embassy reserves the right to take adequate time to process a case.